I has a baby 
Monday, 4 October, 2010, 00:09
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Well, the wait is over, as is Julie's pregnancy. Our son arrived on September 30th at 6:27 in the morning. The time passed quickly (for me, anyway) and it sure looked and sounded painful, but in the end a small human entered the world.

I didn't think he'd be this small. Jeff knows, he was there when I washed the onesies. I didn't think he'd fit into them, but they're perfect.

His first night at home was pretty loud and eventful. He wanted to eat a lot, and needed to be changed a couple times. I hear it gets worse before it gets better. However, humans survived for thousands of years with less technology and knowledge than we have now, so we just need to stick with what we're doing and push through the sleepless nights.

So ... the biggest challenge of our lives has begun.
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Some Direction 
Monday, 20 September, 2010, 02:03
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I've been messing with some open-source packages and I think I've found the one I'd like to use. Turns out that the package has some pretty nice customization options, so I can use it for other sites as well. Theming is also pretty easy. I'm hoping I can import all of the entries from this site so I don't need to keep the old script and files around.

Countdown is getting more and more intense over here. Julie's 38 weeks now, and our as-yet-unnamed son is getting less and less patient with his current housing situation, as it were.

Good times to begin soon.
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Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way. 
Monday, 13 September, 2010, 22:55
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I need to remake this site. I need to put some time and effort into it. This is, and has been, my personal site for just over 10 years now. I've been running the page using this PHP script for a few years now and, while I'm pretty much fine with it, it needs to be freshened up.

Haven't decided the direction I'd take it, though ...
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Watermelon. To the face. 
Thursday, 9 September, 2010, 02:27
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Thought I'd share this here for the, what, 4 readers of the site? :D


That is all. Good day.
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Where'd August go? 
Thursday, 2 September, 2010, 22:23
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Seriously ... I woke up yesterday and it was September, but August was a blur. Absolutely crazy.

Lots of stuff going on. Finally got rid of the last of the old furniture, which the Salvation Army didn't take. We also called Vietnam Veterans of America but they never returned our call or left a message, so we were pretty much forced to purple sticker 'em and put them out on the curb. Last of the furniture left today. Now Julie can park in the garage again :)

Epic yardwork took place last weekend. We trimmed the crabapple tree in the backyard. I swear, if I could turn a profit from that thing I wouldn't have done that, because the amount of crabapples that damn tree produced was astounding. The entire patio was carpeted in crabapples when the day was out. Literally, carpeted. We swept them up and used the snow shovel to load 'em into a yard waste bag. When you're moving crabapples by the shovelful, you know there's a lot.

US Waterproofing fixed the water problem we had with the basement. Doesn't look like any water came in this time. I need to see more storms to see if it's truly fixed, though -- the rain wasn't nearly as epic as it was that one day I ended up toting it up in buckets for 7 hours straight.

Anyway ... not long 'til the baby comes now. Due date is October 2nd. I've got some furniture to build :)
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