HL2 is out 
Saturday, 13 November, 2004, 00:27
Yes, Half-Life 2 is on sale at the Niles Best Buy. Yes, Julie bought a copy of it and has it at her house, but I'm not supposed to know about it. No, I will not try to get her to give it to me early so I can play it.

Amazing how a box containing five round pieces of plastic whips people up into a mad fury, though.

I know I have to get Halo 2, and I will, just not until I'm finished with this semester. I haven't played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a week and a day, even though I've owned it for a week and two days. This is due to the fact that I have other things to do that happen to take precedence over GTA:SA, unfortunately. All I know is that this winter break will totally kick ass because there are so many new games to play! Half-Life 2, Need For Speed Underground 2, Halo 2, GTA:SA, the list goes on and on. Hell, four games would be enough to constitute an awesome winter break! I might have to take a day off from work to just sit at home and play these games all day!

Until finals are over, though, I'll have to stay away from games. They'd be too much of a distraction.
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^_^ kekeke 
Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 14:25
Julie, that message you left on my voice mail at 7:00 this morning really kicked ass.
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Amish sighting! 
Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 02:03
I don't know what-all is causing this, but I'm ass tired. It's unbelievable. I feel like I am already asleep. I can't even remember typing the first half of this sentence.

I'm trying another text editor for this website. The more things I try, the worse I think it works. Yeah, everything's all modular and all, but it's still a pain in the butt.

I saw a bunch of Amish people at the train station today. At least, they looked Amish ... I've never seen an Amish person carrying a McDonald's bag in a train station before ... but they looked Amish so I guess they were. Unless there was a big group of people who dressed like Amish people and roamed around the train station just to confuse everyone.
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Big freaking post 
Wednesday, 10 November, 2004, 03:53
I should really start making notes of the time I wrote the news posts on this page ;-) I think I'll start with this entry. Since there's no easy way of doing it using my current ghetto-rigged CMS, I'll have to manually enter the time in the header of each entry. Oh well ... little things you learn as you go on, I guess.

We tested the VR project on the C-Wall today, and it was hilarious. Looks like the frame-stable version of the code will get thrown out in favor of one that is not frame-stable. There's a 3-second delay in tracking when the frame-stable version is used, so if you move your hand you see the resulting movement 3 seconds later. That is a pain. The delay is not there with the non-frame-stable version ... I guess I'll dump the current frame-stable code into the other framework so it'll run better. Also, I have to change the size of the paddle because it takes up the entire screen when it's in view. But, the paddle now has 6DOF movement, which is really cool.

If you didn't understand the above paragraph, don't worry. I'm thinking of videotaping our presentation of the project and posting it up here. Maybe then you'll understand. Or, you could just ask me ;-)

I haven't gotten any mail from this site. That's alright, I know not many people visit it anyway ... so far I know of maybe four people. That reminds me ... expect an orange color scheme soon, because my sister (one of the four) has requested it. At this point the site is still very flexible in terms of color schemes due to the lack of visitors.

Firefox 1.0 is out, and I've uploaded it to the files page. There's a difference in how style switching is done using Firefox 1.0. No little pallette or crayon box icon appears in the status bar. Instead, you need to go to the View menu, choose "Page Style", and select the style you want. This works in the preview releases of Firefox as well. I'm not going to post "OMG WTF BIL GAETS SI TEH DEBIL" messages and bitch at you if you don't switch to Firefox, but if you want to give something new a try (or if you have Firefox and just want the current version) go ahead to the files page and download it. Sure, it doesn't come with Flash or Java or anything like that, but the point is to make it as lightweight and extensible as possible.

That just about ends my geeky language-laced ravings for today. Now, I'm gonna go hit www.bodyforlife.com and browse through their exercise programs to see how I can make my self look dead sexy.
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Metra, you're out of the band 
Tuesday, 9 November, 2004, 04:00
I swear, Metra has been consistently late for the past few times I have taken it. I don't know what's going on. The 1:44 has been a 2:00, and I don't know if I need to start leaving work a little later or what. Either way, it is teh suck. If it wasn't for the fact that parking at a Blue Line station costs more, I'd start taking the Blue Line.

Still working on the VR project ... it!s pretty spiffy so far. However, trying to get it to switch music tracks at the end of a song ... that's a pain. Still working on that. I might not finish it tonight because I have this monster headache at the moment. There are two Tylenol PM's waiting for me on the desk.
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