zomg ... 
Friday, 4 November, 2005, 11:47
I checked my e-mail today and found one from somebody I've known almost as long as I've known Bob & Jeff :eek: If I wasn't about to walk out the door to go to work, I'd respond to the email :D

Note to the message's sender, yes this is the Andreas Klinko ... who else's parents would come up with a name like that? :lol: I will respond to your message when I get home from work ... which, hopefully, will be earlier than usual because it's Friday.
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Wednesday, 2 November, 2005, 23:30
Okay, I think I'm back ...
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Practice up! 
Thursday, 13 October, 2005, 23:48
Time to practice that bass. I'm workin' my fingers raw on this thing, it's great. I can't feel my fingertips at the moment :lol: That's OK, though, because I think it makes my typing faster. At least, it feels faster ... maybe it's because I answer e-mails at work and that requires me to type a lot, too.

Then again, I could just be talking out of my ass :p

I'm thinking ... well I'm not going to post what I'm thinking, but one of the guys over at work knows what I'm thinking. Expect big things ... I don't know what yet, but expect them just the same.
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Ha ha 
Tuesday, 11 October, 2005, 01:34
Someone's been rating without posting again :lol:

Anyway, my aunt is visiting from Sweden. There's some conference in town that she'll be attending. She got in last night at 6, but of course I wasn't home ... and I wasn't home all day today either :lol: Ah well.

I have found (with the help of Julie) that Benadryl is awesome. The little capsules are so freakin' tiny it doesn't feel like I have a 6-inch lump in my throat when I swallow them without water, they clear up my nose at night, and they put me to sleep! Win! Of course, I require a bushel of caffeine the next morning ...

... speaking of which, I should have gone to sleep an hour ago. I'm in zombie mode right now -- my fingers are typing as if they had minds of their own! ZOMG!!!!
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Thursday, 6 October, 2005, 02:28
I'm tired ... but I'll post anyway.

It's been somewhat busy at work. The volume of calls is high, probably due to Sunday's update. I can imagine that next week will probably be the same way, but I can only hope that I won't end up staying too late.

Luckily, I'll be able to go to bed early. I'm happy about that. Before I do that, I might make another static page ... seeing how I'm a bit of a nerd, I might as well list the names and specs of the machines in this house ... I have to kill some time while my group members read the combined document I posted for the online course I'm taking.

Eh, that was random, but what can I say? I'm not thinking clearly at the moment.

EDIT: Eh, maybe I won't post the specs ... it's kind of dumb.
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