I touch, you touch 
Sunday, 8 November, 2009, 21:13
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... so in the wake of the last post, I ended up obtaining a pair of T-Mobile MyTouches (hobbled HTC Magics to the rest of the world). They downloaded Android 1.6 overnight, and they're pretty sweet. I'm eagerly awaiting Android 2.0 with its improved Microsoft Exchange support ... and at that point I might consider getting ready of the BlackBerry Curve 8310. EDGE only? Slow, laggy OS? You can have it.

Julie got the red (Merlot) one, and I got the black one. I'm all over the customization options and was looking into rooting it, but I kind of like the Google apps it comes with. Julie likes hers as well, but she's not diving into all of the technical stuff the way I do.

Anyway ... they're good phones. Let's see how long they last.
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What the hell. 
Wednesday, 4 November, 2009, 23:30
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I realize that the phrase in the subject line is generally posed as a question, but the way I said it when it happened, it sounded more like a statement.

When I got home this evening, I called Julie to let her know that I had gotten home (she was on the way as well). She picked up, but no voice went through ... so I hung up and dialed again. Didn't go through. Phone's screen went black. At that point, I uttered the phrase in the subject line. For one reason or another, my Nokia E51 is no longer able to turn on. It just sits there with a black screen, with the screen and keypad backlights glowing happily as if the phone were working. Of course, it isn't.

I would like to know why it is that phones don't last much longer than a year for me. It's not that I'm abusing them -- on the contrary, I baby the freaking things. This one doesn't even have a scratch on it. Yeah, it's covered in fingerprints ... but any phone that has been used for more than 5 minutes is.

I was digging around for a spare phone and unfortunately did not find the Nokia 8290 that I love so much, but I did find a Samsung N105. It comes from a time when phones were used to make and receive phone calls ... not to get on the Internet, or make videos, or take pictures. I guess I will have to make do with it until I can obtain a suitable replacement for the E51.
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Adventures in Laptop Repair 
Tuesday, 27 October, 2009, 20:24
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I can't say I'm doing the laptop repair this time, but I can say that on-site warranties are excellent ... which means that non-on-site warranties suck. Such is the case with a particular Latitude E5500 in this office. The power plug on the side of the laptop is damaged and unable to accept an AC adapter, so the laptop cannot charge unless it's sitting in its docking station. Therefore, the user will be without her laptop for 5-7 business days, and will be on a Lenovo T43. Not the fastest laptop in the world, especially when you throw Windows 7 on it, but it's better than nothing.
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Planning another build 
Tuesday, 27 October, 2009, 13:49
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Yep, I'm planning to build another PC. I have enough spare parts to build a computer for Julie. This includes motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply, case, video card, and optical drives (though I'll only use one -- the DVD burner). The only things I'm missing are hard drives, a UPS, a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and a desk to put them on. All fairly minor things (well, apart from the desk). They're not hugely powerful parts, but they're definitely superior to the laptop she's using now. I'm seriously considering making it a Hackintosh -- it would definitely fit her needs better than the laptop does now, because she uses iTunes quite heavily and loves the features of iPhoto -- but it may end up being a Windows 7 machine.

The only thing that's up in the air with Julie's machine is which case to use. I've got an Antec P160 and a Lian-Li PC-V2000B (both without windows ... Google Image Search is quite helpful here). I'm leaning more toward the P160 here because the V2000B is freaking huge, and because I've already done a bit of customization to it (replaced all green, red, and blue case LEDs with UV ones).

I'm also getting the upgrade itch for my own machine ... I'm not going up to an i5 or an i7 yet, though. Perhaps I'll bump the CPU up to one with more L2 cache -- I use an E6850 at home and an E8400 at work and the E8400 simply feels faster, even though they're both 3GHz dual cores with 1333MHz FSBs. I also need to bump up my hard disk space to accommodate my ever-expanding photo collection.

Nerdy post, I know, but what do you expect?
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Almost Done 
Thursday, 1 October, 2009, 04:37
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Well, my trip to Sydney is almost at an end. While it was indeed mainly for work, there was plenty of sightseeing and tourist stuff going on. I'd say I was over the jet lag almost immediately, but running around the way we did was indeed quite tiring ... I guess I'll have Sunday to rest, and then it's back to work on Monday. Good times.

I'll be leaving here at 1:20PM on October 3rd and will be getting to Chicago at 6:40PM on ... October 3rd. That's one of the cool things about flying back, but it'll probably result in confusion -- it will be the longest October 3rd ever.

Pre-flight jitters started a couple days ago already. Not too thrilled about that, but I guess there's really not much I can do about that. I mean, I can climb a bridge over Sydney Harbor, I can take an elevator almost 1000 feet above Sydney, but stepping on a plane freaks me out. Thankfully the flight back to the US is about an hour shorter than the flight to Australia ... but that last leg from LA to Chicago is going to feel incredibly long.

Anyway ... building on my last submission, HSDPA is much cooler than 3G. I guess I'm not impressed because I'm used to EDGE (which is apparently what AT&T calls 3G) on the BlackBerry, but if I sit just right in the apartment I get a damn quick connection using that USB card. It's not fast enough for a Skype video call, but it does voice calls quite well without killing my other browsing sessions.
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