Saturday, 4 December, 2004, 01:45
In the words of the soon to be world-famous Don, something's wonky. My brain's not working. Freaking perfect. I have to work on finals and stuff ... there's a final case study due for accounting, there's a take-home final for CS528, and an actual in-class final for Microeconomics. Whee. I actually thought it was Thursday today, though, and got kinda pissed when I found out it was Friday. I'm going to get to work ... more updates will come when the semester's over.
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Part 2 
Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 05:35
Two updates in one day, hell must be freezing over! Okay, so maybe it isn't ... but it is snowing outside.

Got a lot of work done today ... I'm probably going to take a video cam with me tomorrow and/or Thursday to record the project we're working on. It's really no use to describe it, so might as well have a vid to see it. We got a lot of this morning's bugs ironed out and shrunk its memory footprint considerably. Tracking is not lagging nearly as much at the beginning now, and it's not lagging at all when a new level is created. w00t indeed.

I'm going to bed again. This is the second time today I am doing that.
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Part 1 
Tuesday, 30 November, 2004, 09:09
As you can see, the updates are getting a bit sparse. This week it'll be pretty bad, because it's the last week of instruction this semester. Our VR presentation is on Thursday, and all kinds of crazy-ass bugs are popping up for a big ol' party. We have to kill them all with FIRE.

Well, I have to wake up in a few hours, so I'm going to bed now. I think I'll be consuming large quantities of caffeinated beverages today ...
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Turkey Day 
Friday, 26 November, 2004, 02:19
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I just woke up, so there's obviously not much to say, except that we are supposed to have white Christmases, not Thanksgivings, and my car (and everything else that is outside, for that matter) is covered in snow. But the fact that there shall be massive quantities of turkey consumed kind of makes up for that.

With that, I complete this update, seeing how my eyes are barely open and my fingers take seconds to respond to my requests for motion ;-)
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Crunch time? 
Thursday, 25 November, 2004, 03:12
No new South Park this week ... I'm kind of disappointed.

I was able to prepare the statement of cash flows for my accounting assignment, which is pretty good considering the professor didn't teach us jack in class. Pretty sweet.

No more updates at the moment, I have to finish the rest of the accounting assignment. I also have a Microeconomics assignment to do ... that, and the VR project needs to be finished 8 days from today, but if I had to hazard a guess I'd say it's approximately 80% done at the moment.
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